Transport Infrastructure

There are characteristics unique to the transportation sector and we distribute a range of leading technology products to meet the needs of the sector. These include Industrial Ethernet Switches & Converters, Industrial PoE Switches & Converters, Power Substation & Transport, CWDM/DWDM and DSL products.

Road - Our industrial line products are specially designed for applications demanding high reliability such as Toll collection, Tunnel surveillance and Traffic information systems. One good example is the project we undertook for the Kettering Traffic Information System where we implemented a low cost back-haul of CCTV and traffic signal telemetry data over a 'multicast' enabled DSL network. The solution involved 5 remote CCTV camera sites connected via our Tahoe DSL products and EPS-8 circuits to the central control room. See more here...

Rail - The rail sector is a fractious market with many projects and tenders being serviced by a multitude of companies working in partnership. We offer a broad range of Networking products to the sector for many rail automation projects including Operating data logging, Signalisation, Ticketing and Video surveillance. For example our Industrial Ethernet components are specially designed for applications demanding high reliability and are characterised by their robust design and are fit for use in rough and industrial environments, such as rail transportation. Our FibreGUARD system increases the entire availability of critical fibre optic infrastructures and protects the network integrity from loss through blackouts or system failures. See more here...

Our Industrial Ethernet products are typically used to build redundant LAN backbones for Intelligent Transportation Systems. The range includes:

The SPEED CARRIER DWDM System is a next generation optical transport platform that provides DWDM and CWDM on a single system that addresses Metro, Regional, and Long Haul applications. The 10G platform handles rates from 100 Mbps to 40 Gbps and can scale to 100 Gbps. It supports 80 DWDM channels at 10 Gbps. It is based on the SPEED-CARRIER family of chassis (1U, 4.5U, 5U), transponders up to 16Gbps, various optical multiplexers (Mux/DeMux) and optical amplifiers (OA). Mux and DeMux filter modules are designed in a modular fashion to accommodate channel growth without service interruption. The 10G Platform supports a wide variety of services today and the special technology enables it to adapt to meet future service requirements quickly and cost effectively.

Our Next generation SDSL modems take advantage of the latest G.shdsl technology providing unprecedented possibilities for copper leased lines. For example a pair of Tahoe 682s enables the inter-connection of 2 LANs over standard telephone cabling at speeds of up to 11.4 Mbps. All that's required is an EPS-8 circuit from BT and you can have an 'always on' multi-megabit pipe to remote locations.